Who are you?

I’m Julie Bush, a screenwriter. I write big action thrillers about technology, intelligence and justice, usually conspiracy thrillers. I’m a proud member of the Writers Guild of America, the screenwriters union. I went to Princeton where Toni Morrison was my senior thesis advisor. I live in California where I spend an absurd amount of my “free time” reading. I’m also into skiing, camping, visual art and crypto. And I renovate my ski cabin and constantly look for another old house to fix up. It’s basically a recipe for Jack Torrance’ing yourself. Join me and you can watch every glorious step of my progress carrying the axe through the maze. I like to think of this missive as me sitting down at that typewriter.

I once did a polish on a script in this same room when I was camping nearby and stealing wifi from the lodge during the day. This is how I looked.

What is this?

Pageturner is a home for serial fiction. I am going to publish thriller novels in serialized episodes sent to your email, the way Charles Dickens or Alexandre Dumas and many other esteemed authors originally published their novels in serialized chapters in the newspaper.

It’s also a home for creative process. I am passionate about nurturing an artistic life, finding resources and community that allow your flow rather than block it. So I am going to share ideas that work for me and host a space to encourage other artists as they realize their own processes.

If you miss the Pioneer Days of the Internet, if you remember what the internet was like before corporate colonization, how random message boards and forums were where you literally lived, if you deeply crave the feeling of have a story to look forward to, that god-tier reading-books-under-covers-in-the-dark, zoning-out-at-in-zooms-while-you-secretly-check-your-phone-under-your-desk-for-the-next-episode-or-forum-update or you-count-down-till-the-next-episode-feeling and better, a built-in group to share it with, please join the club. We want you here.

Why subscribe?

You won’t have to worry about missing anything if you enter your email and subscribe to either the free or the paid editions (they’re identical, the difference is pure bragging rights and Friend Of status, like an NFT). Every new episode goes directly to your inbox. And you can always catch up by hitting the archives.

Join the book club

We’re gonna read books together here too. But this isn’t your boring book club where you pretend to read the books and just show up for free wine.

Remember when the internet was young, when you met friends here and it felt like your whole life? My dream is to recreate that feeling. To make a place, whether here or on discord or some yet to be created janky technology we spin up together where you rush to log on to when we get home from school or work, which we furtively check hiding in bathrooms or under tables to escape from the drudgeries of work and family, where long-running threads and inside jokes become a stand-in for language we don’t have. Where we form deep life-long friendships with people we may not meet IRL for years, if ever.

Also, we’ve got discord. Meaning, voice chat that we can sit on for eight hours if necessary while toiling away at life, holding compassionate space for each other in the dark.

How much?

Nothing! It’s free.

However, if you sold specs in the 90’s or are a W2 employee of a legacy media corporation and want to support the roaring 20’s version of the New Hollywood guerilla filmmakers, feel free to subscribe as a way to throw a few pennies in the old tip jar. What extras will you get for this subscription? Absolutely none but a comforting feeling of superiority. However, I may come up with a lil something down the line, we’ll see.

But how are we going to monetize?

um … pivot to video?

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Julie Bush

I am a screenwriter who writes big action conspiracy thrillers about technology and justice. I read an absurd amount and watch TV and film constantly. I like to renovate vintage homes and trade crypto. And I have a passion for art and being online.