Apr 20, 2022Liked by Julie Bush

In the spirit of this theory, I gotta' reply! And definitely, I agree, but I think possibly for a more cynical reason. In broadcast syndication and re-packaging iz a big deal for the longevity of any property. Eventually this corroded even content creators on the internet in the form of compilation re-uploads, and viral-react videos.

Now there's less guessing involved on the part of the money-movers because the Algorithmz Abound. Smart Pipes of user engagement may be like those buttons on crosswalks. We press the button, unclear of whether it conjures the walking man quicker or not. If storytelling reaches a point of interaction, I see it interacting with our algorithm perhaps through the guise of us 'curating our experience.' Because you liked ROMANCE THRILLER we'll generate another for you, with the AWKWARD FAMILY TROPES you liked before. Did FATAL PLOT TWIST appeal to you or would you like a HAPPY ENDING this time around?

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